Dorcus titanus palawanicus Male

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    Content: 1 Male ca. 67mm

    Dorcus titanus palawanicus (german breeding)

    Lacroix, 1984

    Shipping within Europe possible if temperatures allow. Temperatures must be at least 10°C. Currently a thermobox must be ordered with every order of larvae and beetles.

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    Size male : 60 - 100mm

    Size female : 30 mm - 50 mm

    Origin : The species is widespread in Asia from India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines to China and Tibet. The subspecies palawanicus originates from the Philippine island of Palawan.

    Ideal temperature is approx. 23°C. Maximum 28 °C. Humidity maximum 70%.

    Please ensure there are sufficient climbing opportunities, as the animals find it difficult to stand up on their own.

    The ideal rearing substrate is flake soil. Please ensure that the substrate is at least 25 cm high enough for the female to lay eggs. In addition, the box should hold at least 30 liters of flake soil. This species lays its eggs directly in white rotten wood (medium hard or hard). Please use from size M upwards. Alternatively, deciduous forest humus can also be used in a mixture with white rotten wood. Raise the larvae in containers of 1-2 liters or together, but then plan for up to 4 liters. Kinshi is also excellent. Ensure a good day-night rhythm. The animals are nocturnal.

    The males can be very aggressive. After mating, please take the males out of the box and keep them separately. 

    There are some very good instructions here:

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