Jumnos ruckeri ruckeri Larva

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    Content: 1 larva L2-L3 (larval stage) - German offspring

    Shipping in Europe possible if the temperatures inside allow it. Lowest Temperatures must be at least 10°C. At lower temperatures, a thermo box must be ordered together.


    A very beautiful species from Asia can be one of the more difficult to rear. Although, larvae grow quite well, even after being fully-grown they refuse to make pupal cells. A long period of dryness (about three months) followed by moistening of the substrate will induce pupal cell formation. This method is tricky because moist pupal cells are very fragile. If the pupal cells are not removed to a dry area, the pupae inside will often turn black or become moldy and die. A few weeks to a few months after pupation, the pupa will molt to adult and the large wings will form pefectly inside the tiny pual cell. Adults will emerge on their own when mature unless the pupal cell is extremly dry and as hard as rock. If adults are removed early from the pupal cell the new exoskeleton will still be soft and should be treated gently. If premature adults are put in with other adults they can often be killed accidentally with their abdomens being ripped open by the mature adults. Premature, soft adults will seldom survive long after even the shortest of falls onto a hard surface. 

    The ideal temperature is room temperature. Maximum 27°C. Humidity maximum 70%

    Please make sure that there are sufficient climbing opportunities, as the animals find it difficult to get up on their own.

    Origin: Thailand

    Ideal rearing substrate: flake soil and/or leaf litter


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