Compsocephalus (Stephanocrates) dohertyi Larva

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    Compsocephalus dohertyi L2-L3 (larval stage)

    Shipping in Europe possible if the temperatures inside allow it. Lowest Temperatures must be at least 10°C. At lower temperatures, a thermo box must be ordered together.


    This species originates from Kenya. The beeetles grow up to 50mm in size. Both Flake Soil and leaf litter/white rot wood mixture have worked as rearing substrate. 

    The imagines and larvae are kept at 20-23 degrees until the larvae reach the L3 stage.

    Then they are slowly cooled down to about 17 degrees. This should be done by mixing some dry clay powder into the substrate.

    The cocoons are kept dry at the same temperature until the imagines hatch.

    The time from egg to pupation takes about 1 year. 

    Not a beginner species.

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