Dynastes hercules reidi Larva

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    Content 1 L1-L2 Larva - German Offspring

    Dynastes hercules reidi 

    Shipping in Europe possible when temperatures allow. Temperature must be at least + 10°C in both countries! From now on you need to order a thermo box together with larvae or beetles.


    Size male: 80-115mm

    Size females: 50-80mm

    This beetle species originates from Martinique and St. Lucia (islands in the Caribbean)

    Ideal temperature is room temperature

    Attention: the beetles are nocturnal. Please make sure that there are enough climbing possibilities, because the beetles have difficulties to get up by themselves.

    Ideal rearing substrate is Flake Soil. Please make sure that the substrate is at least 25 cm high enough for the female to lay eggs. In addition, the box should hold at least 25l of Flake Soil.


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