Heatpack 72h

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    72 hour warmer - for shipping live animals or plants.

    The heatpack heats up by itself after opening. Do not place directly against the shipping boxes, as the heatpacks can get up to 65°C hot. A small ventilation hole in the thermobox/box is useful, as oxygen is also consumed. 



    This HeatPack is an activated charcoal warmer and is activated by air contact. Simply remove the HeatPack from its packaging, allow it to activate in a frost-free environment and place it in a suitable transport box. It is designed to use little oxygen and provide optimal heat, up to 72 hours, in a vacuum-tight package.


    Size: 13 x 9.5cm

    Heat duration ( h ): up to 72

    Temperature (Max. / Medium): 65°C / 50°C

    Ingredients: iron, water, cellulose, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt

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