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Black Soil 10 L

Black Soil 10 L

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(€3.00 Liter)

Content 10 Liters

Mostly oak and beech wood crushed, milled and fermented 

may also include parts of other european decidous trees

Analytical components:

56 % moisture,

25 % crude fiber


Black Soil is a breeding substrate which has been fermented and composted and is suitable für beetle larva and other intervebrate animals like woodlouses and millipedes. It is fermented longer than normal Flake Soil. It also serves very good  as a substrate for egg deposition and as a place of retreat for adult animals.

Who mixes Black Soil with other substrate (not recommended) or additives is acting at his own risk.

Before shipping Black Soil is dried down a little bit due to weight reduction and storing stability. So before using it it needs to be tailored to the right humidity you need.

An adequate aeration by using Black Soil in the breeding box is essential and very important as microorganisms and beetles/larvae both have to breeth oxygen.

Due to it's longer fermentation time it is recomended for species which are difficult to breed. For example rare Megasoma species and all Dynastes species. Larvae feed very well on Black Soil.

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