Mabiola Hiratake Kinshi (Austernseitling) 1l

    Mabiola Hiratake Kinshi (Oyster Mushroom) 1l

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    Hiratake-Kinshi (Oyster mushroom) 600g in 1L filterbox with fine filter

    Special substrate (Beech, oak) with white mushroom culture (oyster): Hiratake

    Analytical content:

    Humidity 56%, Crude ash 0,5%, Crude protein 1,2%, Crude fiber 25%, Crude fat 0,4%


    Mabiola-Kinshi is made with enriched pure oak/beech wood flour (1:1) and selected pure mushroom cultures in the mushroom laboratory.

    The selected wood flour is being tested on contaminants regularly and the product is suitable for food industry. The substrate is being enriched with nutrients having organic certification and is becoming sterilized before inoculation.

    The micro filter in the lid of the kinshi box avoids contamination coming from organisms like mold, mites and flies. It ensures a good aeriation. The kinshi is perfectly suitable for direct use and is best before a couple of weeks stored at room temperature (at least 8 weeks).

    The kinshi is also usable as substrate additiv for centipedes and isopods as well as egg deposition for stag beetles.

    Additional contents:

    water, wood flour* (oak, beech), whole wheat flour**, yeast**, plant protein**, mushroom brood (*food-certified, ** from organic production)

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