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Dicronorhina derbyana layardi larva

Dicronorhina derbyana derbyana larva

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Content: 1 larva L1-L2 (1st-2nd larval stage) - German offspring

Shipping in Europe possible if the temperatures inside allow it. Temperatures must be at least 10°C. At lower temperatures, a thermo box must be ordered together.


Easy to keep and breed beetle species suitable for beginners.

 The ideal temperature is room temperature. Maximum 27°C. Humidity maximum 70%

Please make sure that there are sufficient climbing opportunities, as the animals find it difficult to get up on their own.

Origin: East Africa

Ideal rearing substrate: leaf litter

Generation duration of these beetles is about 10-12 months.

Adult beetles can live up to 5 months. The adults can hatch up to 5 cm.

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