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White-rotten Breeding Wood S soft decayed

White-rotten Breeding Log S soft decayed

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Hardwood from oak or beech. May also be a piece of a bigger log. See photos!

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Size: Caliber at least 5 cm. Lenght at least 12 cm (average 7x12 cm)

Volume of cut pieces always bigger.


Oviposition log for stag beetle or feed wood for stag beetle and giant beetle larvae. Preliminary you should inform yourself about the suitability for the beetle whether the wood logs should be soft, medium or hard. Suitable for example for following genera: Dorcus, Hexarthrius, Lucanus, Odontolabis, Prosopcoilus, Phalacrognathus and Lamprima. Giant beetle larvae gnaw also at the woods and the offering builds the opportunity for balanced nutrition.

The whitedecayed Breeding log is dried and must get drowned in water before incorporation into the breeding box about 2 days (for example in a bucket). The drying extends its lifetime. The wood can then be buried in the Flake Soil.

Softwood gets heavily crushed by the larvae and is therefore suitable for regular monitoring of larvae. Harder woods do not break and are more preferably for Dorcus and Lucanus species. However, a general statement about the suitability of certain genera cannot be made. The larvae like to eat their way through the wood and form pupation chambers if they have the chance.


The woods are of our own sustainable forestry

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