Brick for artificial cocoon - artificial pupa cradle

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    Brick to build your own artificial cocoons in case of emergency when a larval/ pupa cocoon has collapsed.

    23x11x7,5 cm (length/width/height)

    Each brick is wrapped in foil


    Every giant and stag beetle breeder should have such bricks in stock for emergencies. They are sufficient in size for even a large male Hercules beetle to be placed there. When molding the artificial cocoon, please make sure that the shape is as close as possible to the original. A tablespoon is best for this purpose. The surface must be very smooth and homogeneously rounded. The brick is absorbent and should be well moistened before use. In any case, the artificial cocoon including the manikin should be stored in a box so that it does not dry out and simulates the moist environment of the original cocoon.

    Note: It is recommended not to destroy intact cocoons and take out the pupae. You can't begin to build an artificial cocoon well enough to replace a real cocoon. There is also always a risk of hatching errors with artificial cocoons. 

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