Gammarus Abrasion

    Gammarus Abrasion

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    Gammarus abrasion

    Content 1 liter, dried

    Additive for larval rearing substrates , particularly for Flake Soil


    Crude protein : 55 %
    Crude oil: 2 %
    Crude fiber : 7 %
    Crude ash : 25 %

    Abrasions are parts of gammarus, which break off during drying, transport, etc. and are sieved.

    Due to the high protein content, this abrasion is particularly suitable for the feeding of beetle larvae .

    The energy is strongly bound, so there only may be mold under very unfavorable conditions. Depending on the size of the larvae in dosing should be about 3 teaspoons (small larvae) or tablespoon (large larvae) per month . It needs to be slightly scattered  into lower layers of the substrate. This is only a rough number. Of course, it also depends on the amount of substrate per larva and their feeding amounts.


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