White rotten wood 25l

    White rotten wood, chopped, 25l

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    (€1.71 Liter)

    White rotten wood

    Content: 25l

    White rotten beech and oak wood, chopped, dried and highly free of lignin

    Analytical content:

    20% humidity, 21% crude fiber


    The white rotten wood is produced from our own forestry and mainly state forestry sources (has FSC certification). The wood is chopped in our own production facilities.

    White rotten wood is the standard substrate for giant beetles and stag beetles, though Flake Soil becomes more important and has more advantages.

    White rotten wood can be mixed with leaf litter and this way adapted to the needs of each species. For stag beetles and giant beetles, it alone represents a good food source. First, you should inform yourself about the desired species. Unfortunately, I cannot make any specific recommendations because I only use Flake Soil in my rearing. This white rotten wood needs to be moistened before use. It was heavily dried for reasons of transportability and storability. Please humidify in a homogenous way (can take up to 24 hours).

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