Protaetia formosana Larva

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    Protaetia formosana formosana L2 (larval stage) - German offspring

    Shipping in Europe possible if the temperatures inside allow it. Lowest Temperatures must be at least 10°C. At lower temperatures, a thermo box must be ordered together.


    This species of rose beetle from Taiwan, suitable for beginners, has a development period of about one year. The larvae can best be kept in leaf litter. For pupation and egg-laying, it is suitable to add finer material such as flake soil or egg-laying substrate. This way cocoons can be built more securely and eggs can be better enclosed by the substrate. The animals do not need it as warm as the African rose beetles. Room temperature is ideal. However, the larvae can also cope with temperatures down to 10°C. The development time is delayed accordingly. The adult beetles grow to 25-30mm. The larvae are not cannibalistic and can be kept in groups. 

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