Good that you found us…

…and I can briefly explain you my website

This internet presence is mainly used as a more professional platform to sell Flake Soil.

    -> Linked to About us you will find out who is behind or and what reasons brought me breeding beetles and producing and selling professional substrate for raising larvae.

    -> At What is Flake Soil? I explain to you out of which raw materials I make Flake Soil and how it is fed.

    -> The link Buy Flake Soil brings you to the main part of my website and I will explain you why my Flake Soil is one of the best in Europe. Afterwards you can buy 50, 70 and 100 litres of quantities. Bigger amounts you can buy on demand and for smaller amounts you can klick on Buy smaller amounts which brings you to the website of my partner garnelenprofi. His website is in german but he speaks English too. Just write him a mail if you’re interested.

Yours David